What Programming with Xcode? Want to make a fresh start from an existing Xcode project under a new name? Not quite satisfied with project renaming features in Xcode 4.0? Me too. How I have been using the excellent Monte Ohrt’s script for almost 2 years, and I made small improvements along the way. I […]


The day after

Yesterday, April 1, I submitted my first app to the AppStore for review. What a relief, after weeks of concentration on features, code, bug squashing, internationalizing and all. Sit back, relax and wait for the email from Apple. What app, you might ask. Watch this link to find out.

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OpenTerminalHere with wd in title

How to open a Mac Terminal application from Finder, in its current directory? Get the app OpenTerminalHere by Marc Liyanage and add its icon in the Finder toolbar. Click on the icon to open a Terminal. How  to make that Terminal display the working directory in its window title? Modify the OpenTerminalHere like this : […]

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