Installing iPhone dev tools on the MacBookPro

Installed Firefox and its Google toolbar – OK

Configured the trackpad to respond to taps.

Mac wants to update 13 items, including the OS, to 10.5.8 – OK

Use the Mac Migration Assistant to copy over the user account and files from the old Mac – OK

Install iPhone SDK 3.0 for Leopard – download 30 min, install 10 min – OK, builds an iPhone  project and runs it in Simulator

Try to run the iPhone project on the device – fails because the device is at 3.0.1 – must add a symlink as explained in iPhone OS 3.0.1 Advisory :

ln -s /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/DeviceSupport/3.0\ \(7A341\) /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/DeviceSupport/3.0.1

Now the device is recognized by the Xcode Organizer, and the run on device succeeds – OK

Next, install OpenTerminalHere and add it to the Finder toolbar – opens the terminal in Finder’s current directory – OK

Install git from git-1.6.4-intel-leopard.dmg – OK

Open terminal in one of migrated iPhone project directories and try

$ git status


Install gitx – the git GUI for Mac OS X – from gitx v. 0.6.3 – OK

“After you have started it once, you can install the command-line tool through the menu (GitX->Enable Terminal Usage…). This will install a “gitx” binary in /usr/local/bin.”

It did. Now I can invoke gitx from terminal in a project directory – OK.

Is ProjectLocker responding to git ?

Try,  in a project directory that was not up-to-date with the PL repository :

$ git push origin master

OK, the update worked.

Install clang from Clang Static Analyzer : it unarchives into the directory checker-0.215.

Move this directory into /Applications/Utilities and make symlinks :

$ ln -s /Applications/Utilities/checker-0.215 /Applications/Utilities/checker

$ ln -s /Applications/Utilities/checker/scan-build /usr/local/bin/scan-build

$ ln -s /Applications/Utilities/checker/scan-build /usr/local/bin/scan-view


$ scan-build

OK, responds with the help message.

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