Cubz is available on the AppStore

I submittted Cubz to the AppStore on April 1, it entered into Review on April 4 and was approved for sale on April 5.

However, with my associate we decided to wait a little longer, until the excitement with the iPad calms down a bit, and the world is ready for the next great iPhone app.

Finally, Cubz went live on AppStore today, 16 April 2010.

A small step for a programmer, but a big step for … whatever, someone must have said this a long time ago.

Anyway, I like Cubz, and you will like it too. Promise.

So, now I can sit back and relax, you might say.

Well, no. The future iPad version of Cubz needs a bit of work, in fact quite a lot of work.

Then there’s the i18n (that’s geekspeak for internationalization), Cubz debuts in three languages, and more will follow.

And there are features that did not make it into the V.1.0.

Enjoy Cubz!

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